Girl, 16 yo, single

Chez Camila -tg laisse moi rêv

♈ Mine is Lauren. > When Camila responds to "Who is your celebrity crush ?". I really love this fucking ship damn.

♒ And Bellarke shit. > Yeah, Eliza have say that. And, i'm okay with her.

♎️ «You won't be happy if you're not happy with who you are.» _Camila Cabello. > DAMN. CAMZI IS MY LIFE.

♈️ «This is who we are. I can't believe he was disrespecting us.» _When Ally Brook decide to do her thug. > I love my second baby.

♍️ «No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like. You're beautiful and you're important.» _Lauren Jauregui > Gad, my third wife.